Friday, September 25, 2015

Like A Stranded Turtle

Started singing "Neither One Of Us" in the shower earlier in the day. Guess that I don't want to be the first to say goodbye to my little staycation...

This morning thought about how this woman walked up to the hoola hoop area last night at a yoga event and told me that I needed to stick my butt out and she calmly proceeded to hoop it up effortlessly.

Hadn't hoola hooped in a while and I guess it's not like riding a bicycle.

The yoga event at Union Station was special. It was a fundraiser (for veterans of war) and a yogapalooza of sorts.

Another Yoga Buddy, Tammy, Checking Our Surf Fitness

The Hoops

As I checked photos on Instagram, I spotted several photos of myself including one that had me cracking up.

There was live music -- a reggae band -- and once the music started, it was hard to hear Elle so the instructions kind of floated around which is why I'm going to say that I look, in Alison's word, like a stranded turtle.


  1. I remember that hula hooping takes a lot less movement than one would guess. A small amount of reciprocating motion, rather than circling, keeps it afloat.

  2. Sounds pretty accurate because the hoops instructor looked so relaxed that I wanted to serve her tea.

  3. We were a complete row of stranded turtles - that's the official, new, name for the pose.
    I guess the shape of your head defines whether it's a Snapping stranded or Box stranded!