Monday, September 21, 2015

Yoga Groove

National Yoga Month has almost gone by without a mention from me and maybe it's because I've kind of lost my yoga groove. I'm down to about one class a week but...

When I read Stacy Hunsicker's letter in the spring 2015 issue of Yoga & Spa magazine, I totally related:
Once yoga calmed my mental drama, more of life opened to me...
Had the same sense of recognition when I read a letter by the publisher of Spirituality & Health magazine:
Each enlightening moment is another brick laid toward out ultimate goal: to become the best versions of ourselves -- spiritually, physically, and mentally.
Went to a two hour workshop last night presented by Dr. Manoj Chalam.

When I think about the PH.D part, I think about how he said that he was a PH.D. who is now schlepping around statues of deities. I also remember this childhood song that we used to sing while jumping rope that involved some young lady who had gone to school "...and when she came back she was an educated fool." My mind does like to go in all kinds of directions. Whose mind doesn't?

Chalam started off the workshop with a meditation and went on to say It's good to center yourself and hit the reset switch and you do that by focusing on the breath. And the meditation portion of the program reminds me of why I like yoga so much.

When your mind is calm, you're in the go within. Un huh, yeah yeah.

I also like what Chalam said about knowledge: The more you know, the more the unknown increases.

Ganesh or Ganesha is one of the most known Hindu deities. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and, as Chalam said, Everyone should have a Ganesh.

I am also fascinated with Tara whose main characteristic is compassion...Fast forward to tonight.

I was in a mood before I hit yoga and it didn't get any better when this woman put her mat precisely in front of mine. I would have understood if the class had been full... Joy was in the mood to take "it" up a notch. During the plank portion of the program, she said "For those of you cursing me in your head right now."

Little did Joy know but "right now" had started much earlier for me. However, at the end of class, I was less moody and the intensity that I had in my neck and shoulder (left side) had diminished significantly. I also heard what Joy said about Shiva (dancing) and fire and how sometimes things have to get burned to the ground to be rebuilt.

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