Saturday, September 12, 2015

They Eat Walnuts, Don't They?

Yesterday the 'Fugee asked me if I eat walnuts. Sure, I eat walnuts. I use them in the Vegan Sloppy Joes that I cook but I can't eat them like you eat them. For emphasis, I picked up the bag.-- 1/4 a cup = 130 calories. The 'Fugee had about 300 calories in her cup...

Had a bicycling date with Alison and one of her friends. Today was supposed to be the day that I did the MS bike ride but that didn't work out for any of us. Maybe next year. Instead, I took it to the riverfront. The clouds were beautiful and I felt as if I'd been out of town on a short vacation afterward...

Right Before Take Off

Hi-Definition Clouds
Checked out Instagram when I got up this morning and the first post that I spotted was a Gayle King one. When I saw the numberon her scale,  it took me back down memory lane. Remembered how good it felt to be at 184.

After bicycling did a bit of uncluttering which always included tossing paper. Among the papers that I tossed (into recycle bin),  I'd clipped a page from Shape magazine:
Times The Average Woman Will Weigh Herself In Her Lifetime...
Yesterday stopped by Food Truck Friday and got Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese from Revel Kitchen since I've been wanting to try their food. The pasta was gluten-free. Not even sure that I know what that means.

I might have also gotten a cupcake. Knowing that I have a weakness for cupcakes, I should keep my distance from cupcake trucks.

Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Concotion
Went to JC Penney and couldn't believe it when I spotted a pair of shorts with pockets on sale for $10.36. Sold! I also had a coupon for $10 off $10 dollars or more. Wasn't sure if they'd let me use it but they did. Felt like a thief walking out the door.


  1. I was in walmart yesterday and they had t-shirts for $3 and tank tops for $1. ONE DOLLAR. I bought all they had in my size (which was only two tees and two tanks, but still.)

    Ha ha I WISH I weighed 184. The last time I saw that number was probably 17 years ago...

  2. Score for you too.

    If I ever reach 184 again, there's going to be a big celebration -- balloons, raffle tickets and so much more.