Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cheap Food At All Costs

I was at the gym on Friday and couldn't look away from Extreme Pig Outs on the Travel channel. There was one burrito that looked like pig slop and weighed seven pounds and not much better was The Fat Darrell concoction.

I was thinking about Extreme Pig Outs while reading Bryan Walsh's article, America's Food Crisis and How to Fix It, in the August 31st edition of Time.

Walsh attributes cheap food to America's obesity epidemic. I like this pictorial explanation of what a dollar can buy.

I also like what Walsh had to say about over-consumption.

What we really need to do is something Americans have never done well, and that's quit thinking big. We already eat four times as much meat and dairy as the rest of the world, and there's not a nutritionist on the planet who would argue that 24-oz. steaks and mounts of buttery mashed potatoes are what any person needs to stay alive.
In the same Time, there's a very cool snippet about a new project that's occurring in Sweden. Very cool.

And, in the words of Brian Williams, here's a story about an ex-Marine stepping up in the fight against obesity. I swear, most personal trainers et al. seem to employ old-fashioned and basic exercises without too many gadgets.

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