Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Review

I went to get a massage on Saturday, my first one outside of a five minute bench massage that I got from Whole Foods by an advanced Rolf practitioner.

I thought that I deserved a massage after two years and five months of a rather hardcore regimen. Even as I thought that I had earned a massage, I did feel like an hour long massage was just that -- long and I even wondered why people would get a two hour massage. Boy, I was mistaken. That hour was the quickest one of my life and I was so sleepy afterwards.

Later in the day, I went swimming and managed to get in 20 laps. On Sunday, I bicycled on The St. Louis Riverfront Trail. I always think that there are no more pictures to be taken on the trail. Yet, I still take my camera and the trail did not disappoint. I saw wild bouquets and turkeys. The Arch beckoned as usual.

On another note, I saw this article, Woman's Shattered Life Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection, and I'm done with ground beef.

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