Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheese or Milk?

Over the years, people have suggested soaking in warm water and Epsom salt to ease muscle soreness. I never questioned the method but didn't really know why Epsom salt was a balm until I was reading the September Shape.

Your skin absorbs the magnesium in the salts, which reduces muscle swelling.
Of course, I have no need for Epsom salt with this being my tenth consecutive day of exercise. I didn't even know if I would have anything in the tank today but I hit the StairMaster for 40 minutes then I got on the treadmill for 25 minutes with four minutes of jogging.

Another item of interest that I saw in Shape was a got milk? ad featuring Dara Torres. I've seen the ad several times and the cheesy vibe that I get won't go away. I dig Dara Torres. I like her comeback story and love that she was out there doing her thing with people half her age but when I look at other got milk? ads, I wonder what the photographer had in mind. It's something about the way Torres is positioned that doesn't make for an authentic or captivating pose. Yeah, her taut stomach and subtle six pack is awesome but...

P.S. Massage can also offer relief according to Fast Relief For Post-Workout Aches in the Shape Ask Our Trainer column. I'm definitely going to take that suggestion to heart.

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