Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Groove Of Sorts

In order to avoid becoming a cliché, I did 26 laps instead of the usual 20. I had actually planned on doing 22 but got into a groove of sorts. It took me about one hour and a half to finish. I am so slow. If there were a turtle in Chinese astrology, I would be it.

I concentrated on my front crawl breathing and on doing the sidestroke on my left side. The sidestroke is one of my favorite strokes and I feel confident about the moves on my right side but it's amazing how awkward and uncoordinated I feel on the left. While I'm not aspiring to sidestroke elegance, I would like to feel less clumsy.

The two in the videos below look so precise as did yellow cap doing the front crawl in the pool today. I am the opposite of precise but it is well.

Phillip Toriello explains the sidestroke like my swimming teacher did. I like the explanation of picking an apple off the tree. Instead of putting the apple in a pocket on your hip, my teacher said to put it in a basket around your stomach area. At any rate, it's an example that I can visualize.

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