Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Explanation of Whittling Down

I had a work-related function to host yesterday. Bosnian pita is one of my weaknesses. I try not to eat too much bread these days but, honestly, after gathering the food and putting it out, I didn't have much of an appetite until it was time to clean up. Neither the pita nor the sweets ended up tempting me too much.

As we were clearing the table, I grabbed some tortilla chips and dipped them in salsa and hummus. I always think that I want an olive until I toss it in my mouth and I'm shocked by the saltiness. I chased the olive with a grape and was surprised by how good the combination of olive and grape tasted.

I was standing next to one of the attendees and explaining my method of whittling down and she wasn't on board with my exiling things like fried foods. She believes that once you exile a food it becomes more tempting. I see her point but, for right now, exiling certain foods works for me. I should probably try banning a few more foods. In addition to Bosnian pita, we also had sambosa from Meskerem, an Ethiopian restaurant and we had some fried vegetable situation from Taste of India.

Fried vegetables crack me up; they're like a backhanded compliment, if you ask me. My family used to tease me about not eating greens; they insisted that they had picked up the wrong baby from the hospital but I would rather not eat them that eat them with, say, sugar like one of my aunts used to eat them. As a matter of fact, I had to break myself (long time ago) of seasoning my rice with sugar. Oh, the things that I/we used to do.

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