Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tree After Tree

I felt the need to try a different trail today, went to Trailnet's website to look for a flat trail of decent length and saw that the agency was sponsoring a Hike It, Bike It or Cave It event at Cliff Cave Park.

I see the merit of exercising close to home. By the time I fought traffic, I was tired before I even got on my bike.

It was worth the trip though. The fall foliage and cliffs were beautiful. I had my camera on the wrong setting so some of the pictures came out funny. I saw so many deer. In fact, I saw a whole tribe with white tails. This picture came out fuzzy. Don't know why.

Another funny thing. As I was looking at tree after tree, Haiti popped into my mind. Haitians end up cutting trees to make charcoal and because so many trees are downed, the soil erodes and when the floods come, it's bad news for the Haitians.

It was peaceful but I had a few things on my mind.

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