Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Invisible Force Shield

When I was a kid, no one took my bike for a tune up. No matter, I dropped my bike off on Saturday to get one because I wanted to be ready to roll this week. The bike was ready on Monday but I had no desire to pick it up because we got snow and it was a slushy mess.

The snow was gone by Tuesday so I went by the bike shop. Something looked off about my bike but I took it out and loaded it. I should have followed my first mind because when I tried to take it for a test spin, I discovered that the seat had been adjusted way too high. I got so mad. I started to look for some tools, threw a paperback book against the wall, longed for something to smash and headed out for a walk. When I returned, I loaded my bike and headed back to the shop because I knew it would take them a few minutes to do what would take me forever.

This guy adjusted my bike and I rode around in the shop for a bit and almost wiped out a red Specialized bike. The seat seemed better but when I went for a ride today, dismounting was quite interesting. I'll try to adjust it myself this time. I was wiped out after my bike ride. It's amazing how quickly you get out of shape for a particular exercise. I enjoyed my ride though.

On another note, my office mate is sick again. Last time, she had to take a round of antibiotics to kill her cooties. When she told me, I pulled an invisible force shield around me as I remembered the chills that I had a few weeks ago...


  1. I can't believe you are still having snow! It's 70 degrees here today - I guess it's possible that it might snow again this year, but incredibly unlikely. Well, I grew up in Colorado, and it snows right into May, so I know what you're going through.

    I think I know what you should ask Santa for next year - tools for your bike. It's amazing how much that seat adjustment matters. A while ago I was on someone else's bike, and the seat was tilted WAY too far forward. My arms were exhausted from holding myself upright!

  2. gingersnapper,

    When someone told me that the weather folks said the "S" word, I was in disbelief -- even more so when we got about three inches. Luckily, it's gone...

    Re: seat adjustment, you are so right. Can't wait to adjust mine.