Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Tattoo Of Sorts

I finally broke down and made an appointment with the dermatologist because I was tired of itching.

Of course, my itchy little patch of bumps played possum but, finally, on Saturday night I felt itching and I was, for a brief moment, happy. I looked and saw the usual round raised bumps which recessed a little but there was just enough evidence to show the dermatologist.

Just as I suspected, I got medicated cream to see if that works first. I also asked the doctor to look at my arm. She said to put the kibosh on antibacterial cream, use Vaseline and make sure that I put on sunscreen; otherwise, it's going to leave an even nastier scar.

While my arm situation still had scabs, one of friends said that it looked like a tattoo and it still looks like a tattoo. It figures. I've been wanting a tattoo but...

Saw this video over at LMT or Bust. I'm so glad to, pretty much, have full use of my arm and hand again.


  1. OUCH. I can't believe how much skin you lost, it's really more apparent now that it's healing. Ouch ouch ouch.


    So what's with the bumps? A friend of mine has a very mild case of lupus (I don't know if "mild" is the term, just that it doesn't cause him much trouble) and he gets bumps like that with exposure to the sun. I thought of it because he told me that it's more common in people of African descent, plus he has something else I can't remember that's also generally found in the same population, so he's always saying: "I am a middle-aged Black woman." Which of course we find amusing because he's a middle-aged White man.

    At any rate, hope the itching stops and your horrible scrape heals soon! More pictures!

  2. I'm not sure what's up with the bumps. I think that I just have sensitive skin which, by the way, scars easily. My tattoo will be interesting when the pigment fills in.

    That's funny that your friend says he's a middle-aged Black woman...

    Be careful of what you ask for. :)

  3. Poor darling! that looks so painful. Glad to hear you are on the mend!

  4. Angela,

    The wounds are much better and it feels good not to be smarting.