Friday, March 18, 2011

Eye of the Bunny and Other Stats

Since Friday usually finds me trying to tap into the light side, I thought I'd post more search keywords that people used to find my blog:

  • sexy foot photos of older females

  • Maybe I got this hit because I talked about squeezing my toes or because I posted this picture.

  • earthbound spinach manure lagoon

  • describe a drea that have a tremendous impact in your life

  • one x party

  • garfield cartoon strip crawbar in my eye

  • happiness

  • quote "if it had not been for you..." salvador dali

  • quotes about climbing with the word belaying in them

  • doug heffernan and lactose intolerant

  • breathtaking antagonism


  • michael j fox and tracy pollan 26th annual rock and roll

  • Eye of the Bunny may very well be my favorite search keyword. Happy Friday y'all.


    1. I like "earthbound spinach manure lagoon" because while manure lagoons are common around here, I've never heard it paired with the spinach thing.

    2. gingersnapper,

      That particular phrase made me think about that spinach E. coli outbreak...