Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Show Up

Amy Dixon looks all cute and coordinated on the DVD cover of Give Me 10!. When I popped in this DVD, it was go time since Dixon and crew were vigorously marching and pumping their arms before I was in my exercise stance.

I should have known that the jig was up when I spotted Dixon’s black unitard situation which looks militaristic. I was already sold and here’s why. You know the Pittsburg Steelers' Troy Polamalu, right? People who aren’t Steelers’ fans dig Troy. Why? Because he brings it every single game. Dixon has that kind of exuberance.

As soon as Dixon’s sneakers hit the floor in the Fat Blasting Cardio routine, it was love at first sight. To borrow an Outkast line, Dixon is so fresh and so clean...and fun.

I don’t remember all of the moves but I loved the bounce pass and jump/shoot routines in Fat Blasting. A big up for the whole FBC routine in general.

In Upper Body Sculpt I found the front raise with weights while in plank position pretty challenging and got my balance and strength challenged in the Lower Body Firmer with the lunge-leg lift-kick sequence.

In Core Makeover, I enjoyed the challenged of the Plank Pike move which is, essentially, a side plank crunch. Yowza.

In Yoga Stretch & Flex, Dixon reminds you to keep your breath alive and, as with the other segments, I like the spin that she puts on a move. I wish that I had a KettleBell so that I could fully participate in the Bonus KettleBell ToneUp. You can do the routine with a dumbbell but...

In Fat Blasting Cardio, Dixon says something about the choice of making your moves big or small. She said it's up to you but just show up. I love that three word phrase. If I had to add anything, it would be don't forget water because you're gonna need.

By the way, the segments are all 10 minutes each; hence, the give me ten...

Are you showing up or faking the funk? If you've tried Give Me 10!, let me know what you think.


  1. i like 10 minute segments when doing videos. it gives you a chance to really catch your breath between segments.
    oh-by the way, that book 100 Thing Challenge, is really new, so it just might take a while for the library by you to get it in :)

  2. I know. You can do 10 minutes, walk away then come back for more. ;)

    Thanks for letting me know about the 100 book. Hopefully, they'll order it soon.