Monday, March 28, 2011

The Kicker

Another 10 days had gone by and I still hadn't heard from the massage therapist.

Had I blown things out of proportion?

Was I being a prima donna?

I finally decided that I couldn't let the situation draw out any longer, sent the email that had been sitting in my drafts and felt sorry when I hit send because I didn't want to do it. I wanted *it* to work out but I also didn't want to be disregarded. If someone is disregarding you, it should definitely not be your massage therapist -- someone that you go to for restoration.

I got a rapid response back with an apology, an explanation and an agreement to refund the money at a later date -- if that's what I really wanted. And, then, the nail-biting started. Was it really what I wanted?

The kicker is that I like her. She's funny and into martial arts (like that too) but the last few months have left me wanting to get in the ring with her. I figure that we're evenly matched. I outweigh her but she is trained.

I didn't want to end "the relationship" but I didn't know if I could depend on her to consistently reply to correspondence and, because I'm prone to hold emotional grudges, I thought it best to just get closure especially when I found myself thinking about how rottenly she had behaved while getting a massage from another therapist.

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