Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Where I Want To Be

My aunt Girt, a nurse, asked me how my abrasions were doing. The thing about abrasions, she said, is that they get infected very easily.

My mother (also a nurse) wanted to touch my arm. I looked at her suspiciously, at first, then let her touch around the wound.

My aunt Alice is not a nurse but we jokingly refer to her as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. She thought I might need a tetanus shot, wanted to know exactly how the incident happened then said, We might need to take that bike away from you.

My aunt Alice reminds me of Marie in the Liars episode of Everybody Loves Raymond; she knows how to suss out the truth.

I miss swimming, climbing, doing planks and lifting weights.

I miss moving around effortlessly.

Even though I haven't been doing my usual routine, which might be a good thing, I've decided (again) to exercise for a minimum of an hour a day. I've been slacking on that time frame and, as result, I'm in maintenance mode which is not where I want to be.

I still have around 15 pounds, if not more, that I want to lose.

Okay, I'm going to put antibiotic cream on my abrasions because that's what my medical staff said I should do...

Marie susses out Raymond's lie (1:36).


  1. If two nurses and Dr. Quinn are concerned, you better get some cream on that abrasion, girlie!

  2. I'm a good girlie and I want my wounds to heal QUICKLY so I'm following medical advice. ;)