Saturday, March 26, 2011

S Words

Gave climbing a try even though my hand sore is still a little sore. It went well but I didn't push it.

Me: I saw the move that you did where I always get stuck but I don't think I can manage it because you're taller than me.

Patti: You're so full of shit.

Me: I don't think that I've ever heard you say that word before.

Patti: Smiling and looking at me like get on up there.
I mimicked Patti's moved and climbed The Letter Eye better than I've ever climbed it before.

Me: I need to climb like you more often.

* * *

I thought we were finished with snow but apparently not.


Oh yeah, thanks to Jessica for an amazing hand massage. Jessica was like relax your arm; I get that a lot...


  1. Oh no! I heard about this storm! I lucked out being able to escape just in front of it. I hear it's all melted now, right?

  2. Sara,

    Yup, it's gone -- ground was too warm but we're supposed to get more flakes tonight...