Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Stronger Version of You

I forget about the resources that I have -- a book on a barstool, a piece of paper in the couch fold that has a 30-minute kettlebell routine or a basketball pump in a basket with wrist weights and a yoga strap.

I picked up You Are Your Own Gym again and looked at the pages that I had folded back. I still like this passage:

There are hundreds of benefits to regularly following an effective physical training program, but one that is often overlooked is your improved ability to serve others. It will not only make you strong and lean, but it will strengthen your resolve. Your friends, loved ones, and coworkers will get a stronger version of you. Take the time to serve yourself, so that you can better serve others. That, above all, is beautiful. (41)
And I do feel like  'Drea 5.0 -- a much better version of me...

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