Friday, September 7, 2012

The One With The Warped Sense of Humor

Turned in a group coupon voucher (near expiration) that I bought sometime in May for kettlebell and kickboxing classes. When I walked into the studio I recognized Melissa, a woman from the now closed studio that we used to attend. Melissa has been training with another kb-er at home but, apparently, they hadn't been doing a good enough job because Melissa's been pretty sore since working out with a trainer again.

I don't know how we got on the topic but Melissa said that she didn't start exercising until she hit her 40's and the catalyst was the death of a friend. My colleague, who accompanied me, stopped smoking six months ago but found another addiction and, therefore, feels the need to incorporate exercise into her life again...

We warmed up with the Turkish Get-Up which I had tons of fun with because, due to the parking situation, I left my 22 pounder in the car and decided to use a loaner. The studio didn't have any 10kg's and I should have bumped up the weight to 25 instead of going for the 20 pound one.

We did a lot of stuff that I'm familiar with: plank jacks, goblet squats, pullovers, push-ups and windmills.

Kirsten did incorporate the pistol swing which I hadn't heard of and didn't get the hang of either. As we were on our backs doing abs, Kirsten asked if I was having fun yet. I managed to get out Loads... but she didn't hear me. My classmate on the right filled her in and Kirsten said I love it; you're already lying to me. Kirsten, by the way, has a warped sense of humor...

Addendum: I see what Melissa meant. Two days later, my lats and quads are still alive with soreness.

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