Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Woe Lite

It's always darkest before lights in swimming pool locker room come on?

 TJ  and Shelley have regained weight. Unfortunately, I’m in that club too. I took off my weight tracker a while back and the former subtitle to my blog, trying to lose weight and eat my reduced fat cake too, because no weight loss has been going on.

It’s deflating.

I always felt like taking the weight off was the hardest part and that once I got it off, I’d be able to rock steady. I cannot believe that I’m overeating that much but, then again, how would I know? I haven’t counted calories in ages but I'm pretty sure my re-addiction to SunChips is a factor in addition to my sorry water consumption.

Could it be yoga too? I've read that it slows down your metabolism but most of the yogis that I know are stronger than me. In addition, most of the body weight exercises are yoga-like moves. Plus, I totally got my butt kicked in yoga class tonight. Want to know why a sun salutation is called a sun salutation? Because you're going to sweat...

There is a part of me that wants to bellyache – that wants to go into woe is me mode but I cannot. I’m  grateful for what my body can do. It swims, climbs, swings and walks. It has stamina and, for the most part, it runs without glitches. I would feel like such an ingrate if I started complaining about my inability to maintain and lose weight but, damn, it sucks to realize that I need to start over in some respects.


  1. My experience leads me to conclude that weight loss or gain is not a simple matter of CICO. There are so many other factors, some of which are probably not even known. So you might be struggling against a ghost opponent, where you don't even know where to land a punch.

    That was a terrible analogy. But I think you get what I mean. There might be something affecting you so that you can't lose weight *right now*. Keep calm and carry on, and maybe that something will change, and in the meantime you have the satisfaction of being active and strong and totally fabulous.

    Which I think is the point you were making, anyway :-)

  2. @gingerzingi

    Thanks and thanks for the input and, yes, it does feel like fighting a ghost opponent which is, surely, more exhausting that one you can see.

    Wish that I could, at least, get in one of those water tanks so that I could know the composition of fat versus muscle.

    I think one of the things that I lost sight of is that once you lose weight, fewer calories are required etc.

    At any rate, thanks for the “calm and carry on” back-up; I appreciate it.