Saturday, September 15, 2012

By The Numbers


27 – Approximate Number of People in Class

20 – Approximate Number of Times We Rocked Back into Downward Facing Dog

3 – Persons of Color

3 – Number of Persons Who Came Late

1 – Male Yogi

1 – Pregnant Yogi

1 – Time that Anna said “Let’s Take a Vinyasa Down” pre-savasana

Primary Soundtrack: Sade

Rock Climbing

6.5 - Number of Routes Climbed...

.5 - The Route That Owned Me...

Other than attending a great yoga class and checking my tenacity level with climbing, I've watched good movies lately. Wanderlust was way funnier than I thought it would be and Monsieur Lazhar was great.

I have a penchant for watching reality TV and I finally know what I need to do in a post-apocalyptic world-- thanks to Discovery's The Colony -- make friends with engineers and at least one mechanic.

After watching The Colony, I needed another reality fix. I know, I know -- my life should provide enough fodder. Still, I found I Shouldn't Be Alive on Netflix.

The first episode of I Shouldn't... is about Danelle Ballengee, a professional endurance athlete who was training in the Moab desert with her dog when she fell and fractured her pelvis. Pretty much split in two, she manages to survive until help arrives. As the narrator says: the only thing that kept her alive was her extraordinary physical condition.

In another I Shouldn't story, a man is able to survive a bear attack because of someone else's strength. Bram Schaffer had a lot of good fortune but initially the man who carried him was particularly instrumental. The man who carried Schaffer said: I was strong...a painter...doing a lot of stuff that required strength.

Have I mentioned this before? I love having a strong body.

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