Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Give Your Face A Total Break

Unrolled my mat but didn't see Gloria among the yogis but that’s because Rebecca subbed for Gloria. We were about 40 strong -- impressive attendance, to me, sans group coupon or yoga studio...

As we were on our backs, I heard the door open again and again and again. Must have been 10 people who came in after class started. As you hear people come in, just let that sound wash right over you, said Rebecca. Timely words as I got distracted each time the open door let in the sound of treadmills and the clanking of weights.

After turning over, Rebecca had us move the way I imagine people move inside of a dragon at a Chinese New Year celebration. We undulated our way to warmer muscles. We let out audible breaths. We got jiggy with it.

As we did crescent, Rebecca itched to correct bodies but said that there was a no touching policy so she just walked around and gave cues.

It was a rigorous class as we “rested” often in downward facing dog.

As savasana started, Rebecca told the people with glasses to take them off. Give your face a total break. She was right. My face felt much better without the weight of glasses. It reminded me of the time that I waited on a massage therapist to finish up with a client. There was a kitchen area and an area with sofas. I sat in the kitchen area and when she found me she said, I can’t believe that you chose to sit on a hard chair.

Who wears glasses during savasana? It’s like choosing to sit on a hard chair when there are sofas around. I love adding different techniques to my self-care trove.

During savasana, Rebecca read an excerpt from a Marianne Williamson book that she attributed to a Nelson Mandela speech.

This part moved me the most:

Your playing small does not serve the world…


  1. I remember resting in downward facing dog! Now, I barely manage one or two per class and that's a lot of effort with a huge baby!

  2. Nice post! I wear glasses too and now wonder what I think I'm seeing through those foggy lenses.

  3. @Miz,

    I was so moved when I heard it.


    I'm finally starting to make friends with DFD; we'll see how long the friendship lasts. Glad that you're still doing yoga. :)


    Thanks... I definitely don't feel right if I'm without my glasses but I'm glad that Rebecca pointed out that savasana is enhanced without them.