Friday, September 28, 2012

The Sweet Talkers

I have been looking at my fuller face figure with amazement and seriously trying not to get stuck on it.

Staring Down Sweets Before Ordering Veggie Burger
Yesterday, I went to kettlebell class and, oh, the struggle. Kirsten, who keeps quite a cheerful face and talks to the class about 80’s music etc. whilst kicking your butt, looks over in my direction and say Hi, ‘Drea. Yes, hi to you too… If nothing else, I had people struggling with me. The two women next to me had me cracking up with their exclamations. When we got to windmills, my immediate neighbor said, I like windmills -- like being relative

After kettlebell, I headed to the climbing gym since Cindy, Kristen and I had been attempting to rendezvous for a while. I told them straight off that I only had a couple of routes in me because my upper body was already on fire.

As I came down from a route, Cindy and Kristen were giving me extended looks. We just like to watch your skin tone and muscles. We’ve said that before but it’s the first time that we’ve told you. I would have turned fifty shades of red if I could have...

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