Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who Let The Junk Out?

If the hips are the junk drawer of the body, my drawer is less cluttered.

Went to Anna’s class and we sat in easy pose, got still, stretched our sides then warmed up our spines before doing the sun salutation A and B series.

While we were in lizard pose, Anna reminded us to breathe since we were in a deep hip opener.

During Warrior Two, Anna said there’s a lot going on… Tell me about it since my hips always want to open up instead of squaring off towards the front. Oh well, guess there’s always something to work on…

I had been thinking about visiting my brother and finally made up my mind. Stopped by Trader Joe’s and Pets Mart – to pick up a feeder for fish then went home, purchased a ticket ( $13 dollars more expensive than the previous day), let my climbing peeps know that, alas, they would have to climb without me. Next, I contacted Hazira to see if she would take me to the train station. Thanks!

Half of my carry-on had clothes and the other half had food. The hardest part of packing was deciding what food to take.

Nut Butters Travel So Well
My first train trip was interesting. Funny people. Drunk people. Nice people. When we stopped in Hermann, MO (where we picked up the drunk people), I thought about this therapist that I know who used to live there. She is a role model, of sorts, when it comes to self-care.

Speaking of self-care, the acupuncture treatment that I had the other day worked wonders.


  1. Dang. Then my hips are feeling super cluttered these days. I liked that analogy ;)

  2. Yeah, there's nothing like decluttering in yoga class... :)

    When I first heard that hips/junk drawer -- it made total sense.