Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Screaming and Intractability

Rolled out of bed and wasn’t hungry which was a good thing since I really didn’t have time to eat. As I headed to yoga, I thought about one studio’s list of etiquette – arrive early and put away stuff like cell phones even if they aren’t on because they serve as reminders of our hectic lifestyles. And, yeah, I don’t usually observe the no eating two to three hours before yoga recommendation.

I got in the door right as class was about to start and the teacher, Pure Yoga, was reading something. I did hear her say that yoga has brought her a lot of joy and she hopes that we have the same experience. I felt so uncomfortable sliding in the door at the last minute but, of course, I was not the last person to enter and this one woman even verbalized her shock as she entered the full class.

When we did a lunge with a twist it made me think of James Bond flick for some reason. My quads surprised me as I attempted bow; they screamed and were intractable. Usually, it’s my hamstrings that do all of the screaming.

Later on I went swimming with, mostly, seniors since they tend to populate the pool earlier in the day.

After completing a lap, this man said Young lady, where’d you learn to swim? You gotta nice stroke. I told him that I learned to swim at the Y and he told me that the Y is a nice place and he learned to swim there when he was seven. I love seeing the seniors especially after I've spied a cane or two on the bleachers...

I realized something today as I took off in 11 feet of the water attempting to do the sidestroke. Not only has my water competency grown but my water confidence has grown. I didn’t hesitate to take off. I experimented with leg and arm movements and not once did I think that my awkward left sidestroke would sink my battleship.

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