Friday, July 25, 2014

Long Enough

Because of yummy weather yesterday, I felt compelled to go to an outdoor yoga class.

There ended up being a sub who's into Qigong and we did this exercise that I've done before but wouldn't think to do on my own. We started by extending our right arms. With an open palm, we patted the inside of our arms then the outside and we moved on from there and ended up with the sacrum.

Before we got to the Qigong part, we stayed on our backs long enough for me to get enchanted by the blue of the sky, the arteries of the trees and the birds flying by.

After yoga I scampered off to Zumba -- kind of a backwards way to do things but that's the way the classes fell.

Slept beautifully and feel like it was the yoga with a side of Qigong that was instrumental or maybe it was everything.

Need to find a shorter version of this exercise...

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