Saturday, July 12, 2014

There Are Hurdles

Would did you do to my brother? my aunt Girt asked as soon as I took a seat last Sunday.

Knew that my uncle had struggled at the end of the bike ride last Saturday but he'd also told me that he had been riding around in his neighborhood etc.

Also, when I ride with others, I try to make sure that I stop for breaks. Actually, when I'm by myself I like to stop too. At any rate, I don't want to be the reason that someone gets discouraged and doesn't try an activity again...

Dred and Harriet Scott Statue, Old Courthouse

Set out on my own this morning and didn't know if I wanted to tackle the whole trail or do part of the ride. Since I didn't have anything pressing standing in my way, I headed toward the end of the trail.

About 15 miles into the ride, I struggled to get close to the Arch again. Even though I'd been drinking water and had an orange, I know why those wise bicyclists have two water cages. Got home and slammed down four glasses of water. Checked my email and had a new Fitbit badge. Supposedly, I've climbed as high as a hot air balloon travels (2,000 floors) since I've had the Fitbit.

It's nice to have an electronic cheerleader and validation for knocking out those hills on the Riverfront Trail. There are hurdles in the form of a wicked incline that you have to get up before crossing over and getting to the end of the trail at the Chain of Rocks Bridge and, hello, you get to immediately climb back up an incline once you decide to stop looking at the Mississippi River and head back downtown.

SLPD Representing...
Geese Representing...
No matter which gear I had to change into, I was determined not to walk my bike up a single hill  -- my second challenge of the day. Mile tally: 21.6...

Selfie For The Shy Person

Heat, 1; 'Drea, 0 
Listened to several podcasts and almost fell off my bike when I heard a StoryCorps episode about the Monson Motor Lodge incident that happened in St. Augustine, Fl. Several demonstrators jumped into the segregated pool and the manager poured acid in. I believe it was J. T. Johnson who said that he wasn't worried about the amount of acid and he also knew that they would be removed from the pool fairly soon.

It's hard for me to listen to We Shall Overcome and I'm pretty sure that I turned the sound down when Congress marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act by singing that song but hearing the story of the Monson Motor Lodge made me think about how I so freely jump into any pool that I want...

On another note, the 'Fugee and I watched The Lunchbox last night. In her words, it's a lovely movie.


  1. "Geese representing"... LOLOL!

    I heard that Storycorps too. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing - what sort of depraved person would do that??

    Have to admit I'm getting intrigued by Fitbit. It does motivate me to have some sort of tracking like that...

  2. Re: Storycorps, yeah, I thought that I had heard "it" all but, no, I hadn't...

    I like the Fitbit more than I thought I would. It's been really helpful especially with getting unstuck at work and, overall, it's just made me more of aware of adjustments that I can make.