Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Process

Had planned to go to Bhakti yoga again but when Kelly told me that she wouldn't be able to attend, I decided not to go. Didn't have the nerve to go without her.

Also missed Alison's company at Zumba but I've been going to Zumba long enough to have the comfort of familiar faces.

Stomping was on the Zumba program and I really enjoyed it. Made me remember the step classes that I used to go to... I was a bit out of my comfort zone since Alisha subbed for Shawny which meant the songs and routines were mostly new to me but who needs a comfort zone?...

Got to visit an office with plenty of windows. Plus, the ceilings were high and the walls were painted white with the exception of a huge circular area in the ceiling painted a lovely shade of blue. Everything was amazing including the break room and deck area. I totally envisioned myself in one of the longue chairs on the deck...

View from 16th Floor
Practiced yoga outdoors yesterday and got my butt-kicked from the very beginning since Kim started off with planks. About 15 minutes in, I got with the program but, initially, had doubts about surviving. Savasana was incredible. Kim told us that she would walk us through the process of relaxing and she delivered.

Wait, wait...let me get this picture.


  1. Another downward dog photo! Is this a THING in yoga photography? Someone needs to start a Tumblr.

  2. What's up with Tumblr anyway?

    I like this down dog photo way better than the other one. I'm embedding another picture that the teacher took while she held everyone in plank...