Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Big Pose

I know enough about yoga now to know that Gloria was working up to a big pose. We did a lot of hip openers but I got the reminder that I needed mid-class as we worked on stretching our hamstrings: no shaking, no shivering, no struggling. And the big pose? Bird of paradise...

Alison and I headed to the Riverfront after practicing. Strange weather that we're having -- San Diego-like breeze but lots of humidity.

At first I wondered what was wrong with my bike. It felt like it was barely moving. Wondered if the bike shop person had adjusted my brakes so much that they were preventing the wheels from moving freely. Also wondered if my tires were properly inflated.

There was nothing wrong with my bike. I was struggling and so was Alison. We did about 8.5 miles and called it a day...

I've had my eye on the graffiti below for some time. For some reason, I've dubbed it Michael Jackson. I've also had my eye on the flowers which have an interesting make-up and finally decided to start blooming.

Kayakers caught my attention as well. Didn't even know that people were allowed to kayak among the barges.



  1. I keep coming back to look at that Michael Jackson graffiti. It's oddly compelling.

  2. I like the fluidity of it and I'm also captivated by other elements -- like the vase/belly.

    Interesting stick figure...

  3. I keep seeing different things in it. Sometimes it's just a head - the two circles for eyes (head is tilted to the left) - but a broken up Picasso type face. But yes, the vase/belly - what is going on with that? Is it a bagpipe?

  4. If I run into the artist on the trail, I'll inquire...