Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nowhere To...

As I wrapped up my 10th lap and I was about to switch from the front crawl to the backstroke, I saw shadows then sensed someone getting closer to me.
Can we get in your lane? We don't have anywhere else to go.
The way the woman phrased the sentence made me think about a teaser on the local news about marijuana refugees.

The two got into my lane and we gave each other plenty of space. As usual, having someone else in the lane made me swim more efficiently. Around lap 20, another lane opened up. The woman who had been swimming with me exited and said Thanks for letting us get in your lane. I wish that I owned it! Even if I did own it, I'd still share...

Felt like my body was just warming up at the 20 lap mark and there was a part of me that wanted to swim longer but I wanted to shower then stop by Target. Also ended up going to another store and I'm so wired right now...

Got my weekly progress report from Fitbit:

Most Active Day: Saturday
Least Active Day: Friday

That report is not surprising since I tend to go all out on Saturday even when I'm not bicycling and Friday is my rest day.

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