Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Melissa Episode

According to my Fitbit progress report, Sunday was my most active day.

I remember Sunday well. It was the day that I finished watching the Melissa episode of Extreme Weight Loss.

When Heidi goes to Melissa's house to tell her that she has been chosen, Heidi witnesses Melissa driving a lawnmower, a short distance, to retrieve mail.

Melissa goes from riding a lawnmower to executing all manner of physical feats. I was inspired by Melissa's realization: I should have been living my life this way the entire time. I also had equipment envy. The contestants get to play with such cool toys.

Inspired by Extreme Weight Loss, I practiced yoga, walked, swung (kettlebell) and danced. Took time to stretch as well but...

I don't think that my hamstrings have ever been as bunched up and tight as they were the last two days. I suspect that it was a combination of cycling, deadlifts and squat/curls.

Did downward facing dog (in various places), stretched more, took an Epsom salt bath and, finally, relief -- how sweet it is...

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