Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Gets On You

Tower Grove Park
Thank you for hounding keeping me informed about yoga. That's what Kelly, one of my colleagues/slash friends, told me recently. Kelly's been feeling out of sorts and has been looking to get back into yoga. Typically, when you ask Kelly What's up or How are you doing?, her response is Lovin' life.  So, hoping to see Kelly get her groove back soon.

A Bhakti class looked good to Kelly and she asked me if I was interested in going. Negative, I said. Saw the posting (on Outdoor Yoga Facebook page) but don't think it's for me. However, I did tell Kelly that I would try it once since I'm trying to be open-minded and everything.

So, I went to Bhakti yoga a.k.a. the yoga of devotion and I like the teacher, Shiela. She's genuine and genuinely into Bhakti yoga and I admire someone who believes in something and goes after it wholeheartedly.

Shiela started off class by asking us to introduce ourselves and she also wanted to know why we practice yoga.

I said To be kinder. More patient. More relaxed. To be a better person.

And she said, Yeah, because sometimes life gets on you. Yes it does, Shiela, like an episode of CSI...

We did breathwork and, in fact, Shiela told us not to work so hard at a pose that we held our breath because when you hold your breath, energy gets stuck.

I liked a lot of what Shiela had to say including one of her main points about living with a lighter heart. I was able to really breathe unconstricted at several points during the practice. When stressed, I tend to hold my breath. Definitely not trying to be Houdini but that's what happens.

During savasana, Shiela played the flute which was all kinds of cool...Even cooler, I was in a really good place after namaste.

Possibly even cooler was looking out during triangle pose and seeing two young girls about a 100 feet away following our moves.

Changing of The Shoes
Drove through the park and headed to Zumba which was a mere seven minutes away. It was a small group but we were fully present if you know what I mean...

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