Monday, June 30, 2014

The Lighter They Are or Month-End Review, June

Bicycling was my main mode of exercise this weekend and I feel really good about getting on my bicycle more often this year but it's not all glamorous. My hands, hip (right), hamstrings, quads and shoulders took a hit. I need to make time to go by the bike store and get a more comfortable seat.

Yesterday, joined Alison and her friend, Juliette, for a ride on Grant's Trail. Juliette pulled her bike minus a tire out of the backseat of her car and put the tire back on in less than five minutes. I wanted to know how she'd chosen her lavender bike. Juliette said that it was all very confusing as she combed Craigslist for used bikes and, finally, her brother told her that any of the bikes that she had put on her list would be a good.

I agreed with Juliette that, yes, choosing a bike can be confusing and that all I knew was that I wanted a lighter one. And the lighter they are, the more expensive they are, Juliette said. True, there are times when I think that I should have deliberated longer but I might still be looking for a bike. Plus, I'm pretty satisfied with my Globe Vienna -- with the exception of my really loud brakes which I need to also ask the folks about at my friendly neighborhood bike shop...

After work, put Kenpo X in the DVD player and kicked and punched my way to the end, ate dinner then headed to the Missouri Botanical Garden which is having special evening/early a.m. hours because the Amorphophallus titanum is blooming...

It takes seven to ten years for the Amorphophallus titanum to bloom for the first time. I'm in, I think, the eighth year of my fitness journey so I fit right into the blooming time frame.

Here's how I rolled this month:

10 Minute Solution: 5 Day Get Fit Mix
*Cardio Kickboxing, 1 x

Bicycling, 4 x's

"Love" Graffiti @ Grant's Trail

Climbing, 1 x

Kettlebell, 2 x's

*Kenpo X, 4 x's

Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training
*15-Minute Upper Body Circuit

Swimming, 6 x's

Walking, 15 x's

Yoga, 9 x's

Yoga @ Ballpark Village

Zumba, 4 x's

Staff Member About to Measure Titan
Arum Bloom
Little One Peaking Out Window

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