Monday, June 2, 2014

The Whole Walking Thing

Canceled yoga plans yesterday followed by cancellations for climbing and visiting.

Thought my common cold was exiting the scene on Friday but I was wrong and it feels as if it's coming to an end today but, you know, I've been wrong before.

Decided to walk stroll on Sunday because of my energy level. Because it was so unbelievably muggy, moving any faster would have been unwise anyway.'

Decided to repeat the whole walking thing after work. I feel like walking a lot right now and it definitely helps with my case of mental fog...

Not quite sure how many podcasts or parts of podcasts I listened two over the span of two days but enjoyed Call For Help, a This American Life podcast.

A teenager with autism on why she prefers horses over people -- Because people aren't horses.

In the same Call...episode The Kaufmans, recently rescued by the Coast Guard, explain why they made the call for help.

Several people get stumped by other's casual observations of them in Is That What I Look Like?

Dee Watson, an actress, talks about how a cast of mostly black women were having a discussion when the subject of big behinds came up. It was a supportive atmosphere so she was stunned when a younger actress said that Watson's butt is so big that her mother thought it had to be a prop.

And there's the boyfriend who, basically, compares his lover's feet to Fred Flintstone's...

I was about to wrap up my walk as Lynn Ferguson was finishing her Moth story, Before Fergus, so I kept walking because I felt the same way that I do when I pull up to the house and Chaka Khan's Ain't Nobody comes on. I have to sit there and belt out the lyrics until I've had my fill.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy—remember your Mom and your doctor telling you to "get lots of rest" when you're sick!

    I heard most of those stories but I listened at night and fell asleep during some of them, like Dee Watson's. I'll have to listen again. But I remember Before Fergus, that was incredible.

    Chaka Khan... you are my musical memory, always reminding me of something great.

  2. Re: rest, roger that. I will admit that it is hard for me to stand down.

    Re: musical memory, glad that I can be helpful in that department. I love music and usually start listening to it in the a.m...