Monday, June 16, 2014


Went to my aunt Al's to watch game five of the NBA finals and I only saw my cousin Chiquita's head in the upright position a few times. Her eyes were fixed on her Samsung phone. She chose to read about the players instead of watch the game. Stuff Chiquita conveyed to us:
Tim Duncan is from the Virgin Islands. His mother died when he was a teenager and Duncan promised her that he would finish college. Duncan is a divorced father of two kids and his wife claims he's bisexual.
 Lebron James is, reportedly, 30 million dollars richer from the Beats-Apple deal.
Shane Battier is retiring,* he's biracial, went to some Country Day school and was asked to run for governor or mayor but he's not interested... 
Had to remind myself of how great the weekend had been and to not let Monday angst get the best of me. Monday is just another day and, in general, I enjoy my days...

Even though it had been pretty hot mid-day, it didn't feel stifling when I got home so I went for a walk and listened to bits of Pop Culture Happy Hour, Aloud, StoryCorps and Ask Me Another.

Ate dinner followed by watermelon and watched Last Comic Standing. I could have eaten half of the watermelon.

So Good...
Monroe Martin, who grew up in foster care, cracks me up:
My school was so bad that it was documentary material. Do you know how bad your school has to be to make the movies?
Checked to see what time the sun was going to set (8:27) and headed out for another lap around the block. There was such a nice breeze.

Decided to listen to the first segment of The Moth episode Snakes, Electric Shock and Afghanistan for my encore walk.

Snakes begins with Dave Kennedy making fun of some woman in a bar who says that she's trying to be more in the moment. I thought Oh God, I'm that woman now. I feel like such a dork at times...

When Kennedy is encouraged to hold a snake (as part of an assignment), he knows that he looks like a nine-year-old about to cry but something happens -- the snakes settles down and takes a deep breath which makes Kennedy settle down and he realizes that the snake is just another living being trying to make it through Tuesday. It's even better when Kennedy realizes what the woman in the bar meant by being in the moment... I needed to hear about Snakes... today.

*Didn't know that...

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