Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If You Go To The Deep End

Got to the pool about seven minutes before open swim time and I was surprised that so many people decided to swim indoors. There were so many people there, in fact, that it had the feel of a triathlon.

Swam 13 laps then headed to the 'Fugees where I exchanged niceties, put groceries away then headed to the pool. As I got close to entrance, saw a group of youngins smack dab in the middle playing volleyball. It was a group of Bosnian kids speaking English and listening to explicit rap music.

If you go to the deep end, you can get your laps in. They've been pretty much staying in the middle. They're probably playing the music a little bit louder than they should but... said the woman who thinks that I live there.

Went to the deep end and stayed there and the young ones stayed in the middle. The music didn't seem so loud after I got into a rhythm. It's been hot and humid for days but it cooled off tonight. The water felt chilly when I entered the pool but my body quickly adapted.

Went back to the 'Fugee's and she fed me watermelon. Yummy...

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