Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Hammer and A Yoga Mat

Really full Saturday.

Worked for a couple of hours, ate lunch then headed to the indoor pool so that I wouldn't feel like I was in a fishbowl. 

As I was about to complete my 10th lap, saw a familiar elderly woman climbing into my lane. Slowed my pace so that she could descend and thought about how Gloria reminds us in yoga practice about effortless effort.

Got out of the indoor pool and headed to the 'Fugee's pool. Rang her doorbell but forgot that she had an acupuncture appointment. Although I love swimming outdoors, I didn't stay too long but I did enjoy every single moment that I got to glance up at the sky.

Alison's "boys" are away so she invited friends over for yoga and a craft project. Told Alison that I think this was the first time that a friend has asked me to bring a hammer to their house. Felt funny walking up to her house with a hammer in tow and hoped that no one would call the police.

Kathy's Feet & Marge
Gloria Reviews Yoga Journal (June 2014) Sequence
One Of My Fave Poses, Gate
About 15 minutes into yoga, the sky became menacing and the wind picked up significantly. Can't say that I was unhappy with the breeze because, at one point, I didn't know if I'd be able to stay on my mat since I was so toasty. 

Janie, one of Alison's friends, had me cracking up when I lost my balance. Man down, she yelled...

We gathered the blankets, mats and blocks and finished practicing on the deck. 

Seated Spinal Twist

We had a post-yoga meal then headed to Alison's woman cave and, let me tell you, Alison has amazing woman cave. Every woman should aspire to have such a cave. We were all thrilled to see Alison in her element and for her to share some of her jewelry making expertise with us. 

Yum Yum

Alison Showing Us How To Make Designs for A Pendant Etc.
Gloria's Cool Earrings (They Look Better in Person)
I'm not very crafty. In fact, I think my mother wanted to pummel me in high school because I had good grades except for an F in arts and crafts. 

Still, I enjoyed myself and it was extremely nice to hang out with such a good group of women. 

My Design Was All Over The Place


  1. Yoga and crafts, what a great idea. That is definitely an excellent woman cave.

  2. I hope to have such a cave one day -- different theme though...