Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Inconvenient Pool

It was nice to get back to the pool. Kind of.

Standing between me and the door -- a group of boys (scouts) and a few men.

All in all, it was a packed house.

Some of the Boy Scouts jumped off the diving board into the makeshift lap lane that I was in. While I waited on the boys to jump off, I would get slammed by a wall of water as the aggressive swimmer next to me did a flip turn.

Other Boy Scouts took turns throwing a lifesaver into the pool. The swimmer to my right said It's like dodging landmines.

I got in 18 laps before I called it a night.

Ordered a new swimming suit -- the exact same one that I have now. I let the package sit for days before I finally tried it on. I was pretty confident that it would fit and I guess that was my mistake. I managed to order a long swimming suit so even though it's the same size and model, it's snug. However, I like it that the top covers more than the short swimming suit so I might keep it but I'll try it on again to make sure that I can live with the snugness.

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