Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Miles Between

Love The Subtle Descent Toward The River
Challenging week and I could feel how tight my jaw was by Friday so I looked forward to hitting the Riverfront Trail this morning.

Went a different route because I thought that I would run into Pride Fest street closures. Didn't encounter any closures and it was nice to take a different route because I got to see the Old Courthouse up close which reminded me that I need to stop by to see the Dred and Harriet Scott statue.

With the Mississippi River on one side and Alison on the other, I was able to put miles between stuff that had been bothering me.

At some point, Alison said that she felt like Zumba was making her legs stronger and I realized that we were really rolling along at a nice pace. Switched my left gear to three for a while to add resistance. Can't believe how long I kept it on two...

Mile tally for the day: approximately 17.

Old Courthouse

Riverfront Graffiti

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