Saturday, June 7, 2014

Engaging People

It's hard to tell who's a relative and who's a customer in my barber's shop. A daycare dropped my barber's 1-year-old granddaughter off and a customer, Sharon?, started holding her and she fell asleep. Sharon put her in an easy chair and my barber said She's not going to last long and in less than a minute, the 1-year-old started crying.

Sharon picked the baby up and she happily went off to sleep. She likes that heartbeat my barber said.

I was back in the barber shop after a month and a half hiatus. My hair had grown beyond the borders of the lining and my eyebrows were bushy but I felt that I didn't have time to squeeze in a haircut.

It was kind of funny when Sharon, sporting really short hair for the first time, walked over and rubbed my hair. It's so soft she commented. My hair looks a lot like hers...

Haven't been to the Missouri Botanical Garden in ages and headed there this morning to practice yoga -- the first item on the agenda at the Green Homes Festival. My mother went with me and, for a minute, I thought she might practice yoga. Instead, she visited booths and went to the Climatron while I practiced.

Elle guided us. I've had the pleasure of taking several classes from Elle and what I've noticed is that when she greets you, she really greets you. Kind of hard to explain but she looks at you really intensely -- not in a way that would make you feel comfortable but in a way that lets you know she is fully present -- even if it's for two minutes. I know a few superb huggers and Elle is superb at engaging people.

As we practiced, there were two photographers with rather sizable cameras present -- the only downside to outdoor yoga.

Once, my cousin (Chiquita's son) told her not to fret over an event that she went to. You'll never see those people again he told Chiquita which is not so true anymore because people document just about every minute of the day and, still, I'm drawn to outdoor yoga.

After practicing yoga, went to the Climatron to check out the Nature Connects 2.0, Art with LEGO and walked around the grounds a bit. Yoga at the Garden was a great way to start the day.

Linnean House

Greek Goddess Amphitrite as Merbaby, Linnean House

That yellow bloom moves me...


  1. I love your photos of your excursions and bike rides.

    Is that Chihuly glass on the garden gate?

  2. Gingerzingi,

    Thanks. I enjoy taking pictures.

    Yes, that's Chihuly glass. I just included another picture in the post. Love the wildness of the glass on that fence.