Saturday, June 14, 2014

Faux Pas

As I stepped into the "Fugee's home last night, spotted a stationary bike. You would think that I've never seen a bike before. I was so excited that I took off in the direction of the bike but it was quickly brought to my attention that I still had my shoes on -- a no-no in a Muslim's house -- even if they are secular.

Following the advice of her surgeon, the 'Fugee bought herself a bike so that she can continue to rehab her foot... The 'Fugee is all about stretching and exercising now and it has paid off. I can no longer call her Hopalong...

Got on my own bike today. Wanted to go to the Riverfront Trail but the Race for the Cure was happening downtown. Between the street closures for the City Arch Project and the race, I knew better than to venture downtown.

I missed the muddy Mississippi but still enjoyed Grant's Trail and the superb weather...

Intrigued By Rocks Next to Fake Acorn


The Cool Before...
Changed my mind, for now, about the ask me another podcast which I downloaded because I couldn't find anything else interesting. During the segment, Trivia Is The New Black, they replayed an interview with Piper Kerman who tried her hand at prison cuisine trivia:
What do you get when you mix Ramen {noodles, I presume}, peanut butter and hot sauce?
 What Starbucks drink do you get if you melt a Milkyway into a cup of coffee?
Can't wait to download some of the podcasts that Gingerzingi recommended. 

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