Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Hills As Floors

My uncle, Donnell, wanted to go bicycling with me. So, we went.

He got his snazzy (used) 24 speed bike from a commissary. We met at the Riverfront Trail at 10 and hopped on our bikes soon thereafter.

We did 15 miles and Donnell declared That's enough. My uncle did not bring water saying that he hardly ever drinks it but after about seven miles, he took me up on my offer to drink some of my water...

Wildflowers Around Mile 6.5

Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing
My Unc at the Visitor's Center, Freedom Crossing

Visitor's Center
Thanks to Alison, who decided to get a Fitbit Flex, I have a new toy. Life with Fitbit One has been interesting. It does not recognize bicycling but it does realize that you are in motion. When I got home, I had a congratulatory emailing saying that I had climbed 25 floors. Obviously, the altimeter registered the hills as floors but not sure how it came up with 25 -- guess it included subtle hills and not just the ones I had to adjust gears on.

The pedometer and calorie burning feature seem pretty off but I still like the device because it makes me feel even more accountable -- especially at work. For someone who exercises so much, I forget to move around when I get behind my desk. You would think that someone had put some Super Glue on my chair but, now, I'm super aware of how much I sit and don't want to see the Fitbit at the same number so I get up and walk around more.

On Thursday, Went to yoga and Zumba and my count was about 11,000 steps. Don't think so... The most crucial thing for me to do is log food but I haven't used that feature and I'm not looking forward to it.


  1. Have I mentioned before that you are a poet? "The hills as floors..."

  2. I think you should write a poem about your bicycling experiences. You're already miles ahead of Billy Collins.

  3. Thanks woman. :)

    Maybe I will tune into the muse...