Friday, July 24, 2015

Being Photographed

We had a silly little contest at work -- about 13 of us. One of my colleagues ordered a new car but didn't know what color to expect. He did tell the dealer that there were certain colors he didn't want. I guessed blue because I've always liked blue. As one of the winners, I would get to be one of the first riders.

Went to check out the car and, out of the corner of my eye, could see another coworker snapping a picture and I was a bit terrified -- especially since it was a side view snapshot. 

Thought about how people at work witnessed my weight loss but... I was relieved when I saw the picture and super relieved that it didn't go to all staff. Also surprised by how good camera phones are. The picture taker was not that close.

Sparkling Sea Metallic and Me (About 20 Pounds Heavier)
Rode my bike from the mechanic's to work. Worst day of the week because the humidity has stepped up its game. Just finished reading a Consumer Reports that had a decision tree regarding getting a new car. If you are spending a significant time with your mechanic then it might be time to get a new car...* 

Will bicycle to the coffee.
Just finished reading Incognito -- another colleague loaned it to me after going to a diversity workshop conducted by Michael Fosberg. It started off slow but picked up around chapter two. Found this Unclutterer article about when people give up on books interesting.

An article that I never thought about giving up on -- Eve Ensler's Let The Mythical Daddy Die.

*Mechanic forgot to tighten a bolt when he replaced air intake hose. So relieved. The one with the new car gave me a ride to the auto place. Could not face the afternoon humidity on a bicycle. Total bicycle mileage for 7\24: 5.5 miles.


  1. I like that Eve Ensler article. The way she describes her father is so like every upper management I've ever known. So sad. I grew up with Bill Cosby, we used to listen to his albums - back in the day! - over and over.

    I give up on books much faster than I used to. With limited time available, it's just not worth it. I've got so many books on my Kindle, many of them public domain "classics", that I probably won't finish them in my lifetime. Why mess with something boring or poorly written?

    Right now I'm reading The Bridge of San Luis Rey. I'm on a Thornton Wilder binge.

  2. Ensler pulled me in with the first line about disbelief and she makes such a good point about chief moral arbiters...

    I've never read any Wilder books. I'm getting ready to give Courtney Maum's I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You a try.