Saturday, July 11, 2015

This Pool, This Week

During the last week of June, my engine light popped on. I wasn't too worried since it wasn't doing the wild bucking that it did when the ignition coil blew. Plus, the light wasn't flashing.

Took it to the shop and while I waited a mechanic asked me how I was doing then I asked him. My boss determines that. Hilarious but not...

Later on I talked to this guy about work and how I fantasize about having a clone at times but he said that he didn't have such fantasies. I wouldn't want two of me stuck in this...

A third person that I talked to said something covert like We cannot expect/ask for anything else.

It was kind of a weird week.

Haven't felt like myself but felt energetic during Thursday's Zumba class and again for Zumba today. Alison said that the she peeped the air quality on Thursday and it was green. Maybe all of the rain stirred up stuff or, at the least, the rain has been an energy vampire.

Went to the city pool this afternoon to get over the shock of the temperature going from 78 to 91. There's one free outdoor pool in the city and it was closed last year for repairs. There is a certain frenetic energy to this pool and there are things that I heard today that I won't repeat. Still, I enjoyed the summer breeze and the cool water.

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