Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Risky Stuff

Woke up totally knackered.

Sent Patti and email to let her know that I would not be climbing so she decided to go bicycling since the weather is nice.

Told Patti how I ran into this woman at Aldi... Went to pick up two items and scooted my things further down the conveyor belt. The woman thought that I had noticed her scars and said that it didn't hurt much anymore and that's when my eyes fell on the sore on her shoulder and the wicked bruise on her chin. She said that she ran into the back of her friend's bike and tumbled -- helmet-less.

Patti responded -- Bicycling is risky business.

I also sent Patti a picture of my newest burn. Patti -- Ironing is risky business. A.M. ironing is definitely risky for me.

Burn Baby...
At this point, I should confess that I don't wear a helmet while bicycling and this is not a confession: skin is amazing.


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