Tuesday, March 22, 2016

By Any Means

Started a new project so I found myself at Starbucks last night (after yoga) along with Laura who agreed to let me interview her. We kind of got kicked out of Starbucks...

Remembered that Target stays open until 11 so I went by to get oatmeal and also grabbed more items while I was there. This morning I could not find my eyeglasses or work keys. Luckily, I have back-up glasses and colleagues who will let me in. Still haven't found the keys.

No swimming tonight because of spring break. Could have gone across town to another pool but decided to walk then take another yoga class. Saw Julie at the yoga studio. Hadn't seen her since November when we returned from the yoga retreat. Julie had forgotten her active wear so she practiced in her street clothes. Love it --  yoga by any means necessary.

Listened to part of the interview with Laura and, it's funny, I like even the background noise -- the clanking of glasses, the laughter. It's nice to sit and chit chat with someone without electronic interruptions and to talk about a shared joy.

I record interviews with a small Sansa MP3 player that I got about eight or nine years ago. Definitely got my money's worth...


  1. I couldn't see the Yogis of St Louis link - maybe because I don't have an instagram account, I don't know. But your post tells me you're interviewing yogis, which def sounds like a cool project.

  2. The project has already proven to be more meaningful than I thought it would be.

    The link works now. I slightly changed the name by getting rid of too many underscores.