Thursday, March 3, 2016

Extra Cheese

Went climbing last night and I've progressed a tiny bit. As I got ready to belay, asked a fellow climber, Mike, how he was doing. He told me that he was tired and that his allergies were getting the best of him and if it wasn't for medicine, he probably would have sneezed his head off. In addition, he'd had a rough day at work.

Mike works at a Google-like company and, for some reason, I thought my not working at a Google-like company was a contributing factor to many things but, alas, I see that working at Google-like company ain't no crystal stair either.

At some point during the climbing session, realized that I didn't have my fitness tracker around my wrist. Goodbye $99 dollars. Called the gym this morning and someone had turned it in. Thank you...

After picking up my tracker, went to Soulard to get pizza. It was my first time visiting the pizza joint and I was surprised to see statues of Buddha and Ganesha. No, I don't mind looking at the remover of obstacles while I wait for a vegan pepperoni pizza which was nice and spicy. I'd never had vegan pepperoni before. Thumbs up.

Ganesha at the Pizza Shop
As I waited for the pizza, someone called in an order and the owner said I know who that is -- she always asks for extra cheese. Kind of funny.

Went to Zumba tonight even though my knee hasn't been cooperative. Instantly thought about Gingerzingi's husband and his knee issue. It's so nice when the body is not cranky. Not sure why my knee is tweaked but I did dance away some of the constriction.

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