Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Like Slackers

I was admiring the flowers and thinking how they seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and, of course, that's not true. The seeds were planted or scattered. Seeing the colorfulness made me reflect on Joy's Imbolc talk.

Went climbing this evening and I'm able to climb better each time that I go. I returned Patti's Fitbit. When I misplaced my Garmin tracker, Patti told me that she would give me her Fitbit that was being replaced because of inaccuracy but then she gave me the wrong Fitbit. She strapped both of them on her dominant hand and starting climbing stairs in between climbing routes to test them out. Patti's husband and I concluded that she was just trying to make us feel like slackers. At any rate, I think that Patti the right Fitbit now.

On the way home, I was treated to a beautiful evening sky. Kept stopping to take pictures and finally got one that accurately reflected the color.

Really enjoyed this Instagram that was posted today...

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