Saturday, March 5, 2016


Went to restorative yoga after work but, honestly, I feel so depleted by the end of the week that it's hard to convince myself to go.

After yoga headed to the 'Fugee's and then we headed to Asmira's who invited  us over. Think that I ate a gazillion calories and since Asmira is the hostess with the mostest, she kept offering food and beverages. I straight up didn't have to eat everything that was offered, I know...

Asmira told us that she wants to go to Mecca this year. My response to most people with bucket list items is -- Do it! I keep encouraging people to throw caution to the wind and I need to practice it in my own life. I am dragging my feet on purchasing a car because I feel a bit spoiled about not driving my 15 year-old car longer. I keep telling myself that it's not the end of the world if I don't make the wisest decision or if I don't get the perfect deal and I've had enough harbingers to know that I'm making the right decision...

Went to the library and picked up a few magazines including the January issue of Bon Appetit. Liked the interview with Sam Kass, former White House chef.
When we forget about the broccoli in the crisper, we're also throwing out the water and energy that went into it.
The Back of the Napkin interview is with Ice Cube. Love what he says about moderation. "Keep your sanity," he says. "If you want a burger, eat half a burger. Want a bag of potato chips? Eat half a bag." The interviewer asked Ice Cube if all bets were off, what would he eat and, so, he wrote it on the back of napkin. In that spirit, I wrote what we had to eat yesterday on the back of a napkin.

Seriously? Who can turn down this six layer confection?*

*Except for the 'Fugee who is not a big eater of sweets. Seriously? She ate it but didn't relish it like I did.


  1. Fifteen years old? Get a new car! Srsly, it's a question of safety. You don't need your car breaking down and stranding you somewhere.

    I'm going to look up Back of the Napkin, have always liked Ice Cube. (Also inexplicably like Ice T, I can do an excellent impression of him.)

  2. Also, what is that little poem you've written on your food tracking napkin?

    The food looks DELICIOUS.

  3. I was hoping to get this car to 200,000 miles but I guess that I shouldn't be stubborn about a number.

    I would love to see you do an Ice T impression.

    "Good Food, Good Meat, Good Lord -- Let's Eat!" was on the bottom of Ice Cube's napkin so I thought that I would completely mimic it and I wrote "Jesus wept. Moses crept. Grandma fell off the back door steps" on the bottom of my napkin. It was my go-to prayer whenever someone asked me to pray at special, family dinners so I wasn't asked to pray very often.

    Also, food was yummy...

  4. Yes, you have to SEE the Ice T impression, because it's really about how you cock your head back and purse your lips and look pissed off. I can't imitate anyone's voice very well.