Thursday, March 24, 2016

Different Day

Climbing left a lot to be desired last night. In fact, it was downright frustrating but I guess I'll just say that I practiced climbing. If one can practice yoga then one can certainly practice climbing.

During the course of a convo with Patti about a tempting birthday lunch that she'd gone to, I was surprised to find out that she does not eat sprouted bread -- didn't know that was not allowed with Paleo...

One person at work has lost over 30 pounds and two people have lost over 20. My immediate coworker is not eating carbs and fruits right now and neither is the 'Fugee. It's a different March Madness, I guess.

After Zumba tonight asked the teacher how her corned-beef pizza turned out and she told me that it was very tasty. Her husband added hash browns this time. Tonight is also pizza night for her but this time it's Diablo pizza.

Before I left work, placed an order at Lona's because I was too tired and crabby to be in the kitchen. Even bird chirping got on my nerves today but I will say that when I split my burrito in half, Prince's U Got The Look popped into my head so I guess I chirped in my own way.

Big Thai Chicken Wrap with Rice Paper

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