Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Night in Wonderland

Went to a pop-up yoga event at City Museum last night. We had a gentle and funny practice. Katie, who led the class, is like a comedian. I couldn't ask for a better approach to yoga.

Katie pointed out something that I didn't even think about. City Museum does not ask you to sign a waiver. Fancy that...

So, the price of yoga included the City Museum (minus roof access). Hadn't been to CM in ages and so much has changed. First of all, if you want an urban workout, take yourself to the City Museum. The word that kept popping into my head was wonderland. I see why it's open until midnight on the weekends. It's a great place to hang out.

Went with Alison and her son also accompanied us. The deal with kids, for the yoga portion of the program, is that the should be able to handle being in an hour long class and Alison's son is capable of that. Usually, he practices for a little bit then reads.

Because Alison has been to the City Museum way more than I have, she guided me through wonderland and told me little tidbits including info about the artist who made the outdoor birds...

Wisconsin Artist's Sculpture

One of Many Mosaics
I was having a case of nerves about the slide on the sixth floor and Alison's son was greatly amused but I did agree to end the night going down a slide instead of stairs. I had nothing to fear because I couldn't gain any momentum. Guess I had on the wrong pair of shorts. Either way, I had to scoot and use my feet in order to get to the bottom.

Photo Credit: Alison
And did I mention that navigating City Museum provided one hell of a workout?

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